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STEM Lab Activities Featured Photo

STEM Lab Activities

The first month of our K-5 STEM lab was very busy. Kindergarten has done sink/float activities, explored using magnets, and recently helped Goldilocks build chairs for the 3 bears. 1st Grade has been studying sound waves with various experiments and made kazoos. 2nd grade practiced measuring, built bridges for the 3 Billy goats, houses for the 3 pigs, and had a building brick challenge day. 3rd grade practiced using science tools, completed building challenges with ramps and other simple machines, and made catapults. 4th grade constructed island huts to withstand hurricane winds while using the design process. 5th grade practiced using science tools including microscopes, used simple machines to create chain reactions and catapults, and used circuit tiles to make a light show and alarm. Don't forget to check out more photos in our albums.
Spider Web Bridges Featured Photo

Spider Web Bridges

Mrs. Kavanaugh's class designed Spider Web Bridges in the STEM Lab. They had to construct a bridge that safely held the most spiders. Our top engineering team designed a bridge to hold 25 spiders! Great job showcasing your problem-solving skills!
Second Grade STEM Lab Featured Photo

Second Grade STEM Lab

Mrs. Johnson's 2nd graders enjoyed STEM Lab where they had to design, build, and test a hut for the 3 Little Pigs, or a bridge for Billy Goats Gruff. Thanks, guest teacher, Mrs. Clark!