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SumDog Math Contest Featured Photo

SumDog Math Contest

Mrs. Kavanaugh's Class competed in the Sumdog math competition sponsored by the Regional Office of Education. Her class won 3rd place overall and was a daily winner. Reagan J. won 3rd place and Mary D. won 6th place. They competed against 182 students.
Master Gardening Featured Photo

Master Gardening

Pictures of students planting our master-gardener-donated plants and also the two moths we saw while we were out there. Master Gardener Robbin told us the grayish one is a sphinx moth and the green is a lunar moth. Looking forward to watching our garden grown. Ms. Kelley
Shadow Lab Featured Photo

Shadow Lab

Since we haven't seen the sun in several days, we had to recreate it for our science shadow lab. We're hoping to see the real thing soon, and go outside and get our shadow measurements throughout the day :)