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Hello! Thank you for visiting our class page! My name is Mr. John Roth, and I teach 3rd grade at Marseilles Elementary School. We do the McGraw-Hill reading series for our reading class, group and individual work for math, grammar, daily blogs  writing, spelling, and rotate between science and social studies. 
Enough about school, I'd like to tell you a little about who I am outside of school. I've lived in Ottawa, Illinois most of my life. I attended Lincoln Elementary School until 7th grade. At that time I enrolled in Shepherd Junior High School for my 7th and 8th grade years. Afterwards, I spent my high school years at Ottawa Township High School. After working various labor-related jobs, I began working at MES as a substitute custodian and teacher aide. After a few months, I was hired as a paraprofessional. A few colleagues suggested I go to college to earn my bachelor's degree in education, but I didn't want to leave my job. I decided to do online coursework via University of Phoenix so I could remain employed as an aide. After 8 years as a paraprofessional, I earned my degree and was hired as a reading interventionist. After 3 years as an interventionist, I transferred to the 3rd Grade position. 

In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, listening to and collecting music, fishing, and spending time with friends. I have a large music collection consisting of compact discs, vinyl, and cassettes. I've been collecting music since the age of 15 years. I love combining my sense of humor with my teaching, helping my students feel comfortable and enjoy the learning experience. 


A Few Policies

Students take a pretest for Spelling on Monday. If they earn a 3 on their test, they don't have to take the test Friday. For those who take the spelling test Friday, that will be the recorded score. The pretest score will not be recorded and only show growth from Monday to Friday. 
Some students go to other classrooms throughout the day. Those students do NOT have to worry about the assignments they miss during this time. I will work with them another time to help them catch up.
Most of the time students will finish their work during class. However, students who do not pass the spelling pretest will have a practice test Wednesday for homework. 
The planner is used to show you what your students are doing in the classroom. If possible, please sign it so I know you're seeing it.